Celebrating National Yoga Month!

September is National Yoga month and with the seemingly endless list of health benefits that yoga offers, it’s no wonder it’s been given its own month of recognition. From improved flexibility and core strength to better circulation and stress relief, yoga has proven to be a fun and effective way to improve overall health. So all over the country this month, yoga studios and students alike are honoring this practice and finding ways to show the yoga love!

So of course, here at Yummi Yogi, we’re sharing our love of all things yoga by running a fun contest where you could win a free set of our Yummi Yogi yoga pose cookie cutters! Keep them for yourself or give them to your guru, a yogi friend, or a non yogi friend who just likes to bake! Kids love them for stenciling and colorful craft creation. Yogi nature lovers love them for making yoga pose bird feeders. Run a yoga studio? Make a batch of yoga pose cookies to leave at the front desk for your students! Or for a healthy hydrating option, give them yoga pose shaped melon cutouts. Crafty yogis even enjoy making everything from tree ornaments to yoga pose candles with our cutters. To see the endless number of creations possible, visit our gallery here.

yummi yogi promotionTo enter for your chance to win a set of all 5 of our Yummi Yogi yoga pose shaped cutters.

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Good Luck and Happy National Yoga Month!