Yoga Jack-O-Lanterns

Yummi Yogi Jackolanters


Try something new this Halloween! Carve out your favorite yoga shapes using Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters and try etching out your initials or your studio’s initials. Here’s how…







Pumpkin  #1 – Yoga Shapes

Step 1: Cut out the top of the pumpkin and remove the seeds and flesh.

Step 2: Take your Yummi Yogi cookie cutter and with a hammer punch the cutter into pumpkin.

Step 3: Remove cutter.

Step 4: From the inside of the pumpkin, firmly push out the pumpkin where the shape is.

Step 5: Add a light inside of the pumpkin.


Pumpkin  #2 – Initials

Step 1: Print your initials out on paper and tape to pumpkin.

Step 2: Using the tracing tool trace the initials, press firmly.

Step 3: Using the shaping tool carve out initials.

Step 4: Cut out bottom of pumpkin and remove seeds and flesh.

Step 5: Add a light inside of the pumpkin.













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