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As the days last longer and the nights get shorter, we’re all looking for that feeling of warmth. Warmth from the sun, from loved ones, and from the feeling we get when we’re doing something we truly love.

It’s true – your bucket list might look a little bit different this summer. Many people have had to forego their planned family vacations, adjust to working remotely, or spend less quality time with distant loved ones to stay safe and healthy.

And while we may not be getting everything we want this summer, there is a silver lining: less pressure and fewer expectations. Think less, do things on a whim, and don’t be afraid to be impulsive (within reason, of course). If you’re not packing, going on a road trip, or visiting with relatives, you’ll have more time to do things like:

  • Join a virtual health or wellness class
  • Share an inspirational book
  • Send a gratitude letter
  • Make more home-cooked meals
  • Pull out your old board games
  • Go for a walk on the beach
  • DIY cocktails and mocktails
  • Watch movies in your PJs
  • Try out a new recipe or baking design

We’ve all been giving an opportunity to look inward and focus on the things that truly make us happy. So, let’s finish off the second half of summer with a different objective. Instead of trying to check everything off your bucket list, try to slow down, be present, and just have fun in the moment. If you happen to dance in the rain, walk on the beach, or savor the taste of a juicy piece of watermelon along the way, then more power to you.

All of us have to embrace the “new normal.” Only then can we move through the summer feeling joyful, fulfilled, and like we’re not missing out on the activities and festivities we’ve grown accustomed to.

Let go of any lingering expectations and just be. You might not go on the BEST family vacation or couples retreat this summer, but you will certainly strengthen bonds and make lasting memories. We won’t be forgetting 2020 and how we all had to get creative during quarantine life anytime soon.

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Yummi Yogi