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Don’t you absolutely love artists? They have an uncanny ability to redefine purpose and breathe new life into things.

We live in a world of co-creators filled with passion and inspiration. And earlier this month, a Florida-based artist put a new spin on a customer favorite – our Yummi Yogi cookie cutters. Keep reading to find out what she created and had to say about this unique collaboration.

We’re proud to introduce Michelle from Bushel and a Peck Pottery…

Ornaments in their simplest forms are symbols. These simple symbols can hold and express so much, whether hung by a string or attached to the fridge with a magnet. The joy of a holiday or the nostalgia of a special memory, I’ve always loved ornaments because of the feelings they store within.

Whenever I’ve traveled someplace special for vacation or some unique event, I’ve often brought an ornament home as a special memento. Each time I uncover those particular keepsakes, I feel reconnected with the time, place, and event that brought meaning to me. 

I started my pottery business in 2021, hoping to create those unique pieces that will capture those special memories and hold them dear for generations, like a time capsule of sorts. I absolutely love collaborating with my customers to make something personal and unique that they will cherish and possibly even pass down.   

In addition to my handmade ornaments, I have been venturing into making small dishes and trays, which will be featured on my website soon. The ability to create custom pieces or personalize an item to make it especially unique is one aspect of my work that brings such a sense of fulfillment.  

While searching for a way to make a custom ornament for a client that requested something with a yoga theme, I found Yummi Yogi! I fell in love with the variety of shapes and symbols available but eventually settled on the Warrior pose 3. I love the peace and strength expressed in this grounded pose. My client loved it, and this ornament would be a great gift idea for those who love yoga, as a thank you for a favorite yoga teacher or as a gentle reminder to keep up with self-care.

The cutter is so awesome, and I’m excited to try even more from Yummi Yogi to create new and exciting things! We all have our own ways of creating Zen in our lives – what is yours? Check out my website: 

It’s so fulfilling to see cookie cutters are being by Yogis and their friends & family in the kitchen daily – for sandwiches, pancakes, fruit, granola, crispy rice treats, and more.

And now, these simple, elegant molds have found a purpose beyond the kitchen in new custom creations. 

Never stop thinking outside the box!

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