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On a sunny afternoon in 2011, while I was pregnant with my first daughter, Yummi Yogi™ was created. I distinctly remember sitting on the family room rug drawing designs and word playing on different brand names when Yummi Yogi hit me and I was filled with excitement!
The development of the company derives from 2 of my passions: yoga and baking. Originally I started with only cookie cutters in mind and now after 8 years the company has grown into a product line of various yoga inspired gifts. My intention for the brand is to symbolize balance and strength. It is my hope that we can all take time to consciously slow down, create and just be (even if it’s for a few minutes!). As a mom of 2 young girls, I practice living a balanced life in and out of the kitchen.
We are a family owned and operated business and can be found along the serene coast of New Jersey. All of our products are sourced and manufactured in the United States.
Prior to the launch of Yummi Yogi, I spent 11 years in lifestyle marketing and communication; working with Martha Stewart Living, Langeveld International and was the international spokesperson for a Dutch educational campaign for flower bulbs. I currently still run a marketing consulting agency as well.
As a mom of 2 young , beautiful girls now who love to bake, I continue to practice yoga and strive to keep creating and taking time with them.
I couldn’t be more excited to share all of my inspirations with you! My goal is to continue to create new products in the hopes that we can all ENJOY.

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