Have you ever noticed the deep-rooted connection between mindset and productivity?

For me, it feels like when I’m happy and present in the moment I can get twice as much accomplished. I get more out of the time spent with my family, I serve my clients more effectively, and I work on my business more passionately.

Being busy isn’t being productive. Productivity is the byproduct a balanced life – a life in which you are thankful for the people and things you have.

This Thanksgiving take time to slow down and think about how you can lift up the people around you. Positivity has a ripple effect – when you share it with others it tends to spill over into the areas of your own well-being. Your job, your relationships, your health, and so on.

Raw Granola Tree

So, how can you do this? Shifting your mindset may not happen overnight, but by practicing affirmative thinking and actions on a daily basis, you’ll begin to start developing an attitude of gratitude. Sharing my passion for yoga and baking with others gives me the chance to reset my mind when everything else feels chaotic.

Is your train running late? Did one of your friends push back a lunch date? Instead of looking at these things through a negative lens (because let’s face – things happen), look at them as new opportunities. Perhaps there is a phone call you’ve been delaying. Or, maybe you can use the extra time to practice some meditation. Be grateful for the people in your life and the fact that you’ve freed up some time for yourself. Find something that brings happiness to yourself in others – like trying out a new holiday recipe.

We’re all so busy nowadays that sometimes we have a hard time seeing how much someone could use our support. Especially because many of us are too prideful to ask for help when we need it. Want to feel truly fulfilled this Thanksgiving? Anticipate the needs of your loved ones and perform an act of kindness, even when there is no verbal cue. You’ll end the day with more goodness and warmth in your heart – an invaluable feeling.

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