Create one-of-a- kind Yogi Beeswax Candles. With just a few materials and dollars you can create colorful candles for yourself or favorite friend. These makes for a great yoga gift! We placed our “downdog” yogi on a beeswax yoga mat. Get creative with this: you can incorporate the colors for your business logo onto the mat or cut out an “om” sign to add on top. We had so much fun creating these yoga candles and mats.

They are made from sheets of colored beeswax honeycomb sheets which can be found online or a local craft store. We purchased ours online, “make your own candle” kit which included the cotton wicks. That’s all you need plus a pair of scissors for the mat! ENJOY

IMG_2346 IMG_2342 IMG_2351

Easy Instructions:

1. Press the Yummi Yogi cutter into 1 sheet at a time. Remove excess wax around cutter. Repeat to desired thickness. (We chose 3 layers: 2 red and 1 pink)

2. Stack the cut-out sheets on top of each other and include the wick in the middle.

3. Press the sheets gently together (no heat required)

4. To create the yoga mat and heart shape, use scissors to cut to desired size or shape.

*Always be cautious when burning candles.

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