Customer Creations

Be inspired by others.

The practice of yoga teaches us to reflect inward but also radiate our energy outward! Our new “Customer Creations” page was inspired by all of you. The overwhelming number of asana creations we have seen from our Yummi Yogi™ creative geniuses is truly inspiring and should be shared with you.

With the growing number of ways we’ve seen our yoga pose cookie cutters used and the never-ending supply of creativity shown by our customers we would like to invite all of you to submit your favorite Yummi Yogi cookie cutter creations on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram!

Here at Yummi Yogi™ we feel inspired every day by the outpouring of support that we get from customers using Yummi Yogi ™yoga shaped cookie cutters. Whether it’s positive feedback, a friend referral, or one of the beautiful asana shaped crafts or creations a customer has made using our cutters, we are always so impressed and humbled. This overwhelming flow of customer submissions has inspired us to create a “Customer Creations” section within the Yummi Yogi™ website. We want to acknowledge the creativity of many of our customers while also inspiring others to use their yoga pose shaped cookie cutters in new and interesting ways.

Even if you’re not the crafty type or you’re not the biggest fan of baking, using Yummi Yogi™cookie cutters is less about the end product and more about the time spent doing something fun and creative. Take an afternoon to make yoga pose Christmas ornaments with the kids. Quickly assemble a mason jar of pre-made cookie mix with a cookie cutter attached to give as a gift. Invite friends over for a cookie decorating party. No matter how the cookies turn out you’ve still had this special time to share with your friends.

The practice of yoga teaches us to be balanced within our mind, body, and spirit and to find peace within ourselves. Once that peace is achieved we are free to be our most loving, inspiring and creative selves. At Yummi Yogi™ we encourage all of our clients, yogis and non-yogis alike, to find activities that make them feel inspired.

It could be a gift you’ve made for a friend, a tasty foodie arrangement, or a craft that you plan to display in your home or garden. Submit your finished products and don’t forget to tag #YummiYogi! In order to make your submissions don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Yummi Yogi