When I look around, I see so many people trying to find happiness, seeking the answer from outside themselves.

But true happiness isn’t something that’s given, it’s something that’s discovered. It’s that moment where you can tune out the chaotic world around you and tap into your inner being.

That’s what yoga does for me.

It gives me the space I need to reflect and take control over my mind and body. We are all challenged by bad days and experiences, but we can choose how to react.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia… All of these negative feelings can be balanced through positive energy. But how can we channel this energy when everything in the universe seems to be trying to distract us?

We take time to consciously slow down and make decisions from a place of balance and strength. We accept that even when everything around us seems out of control, we’re still in control of our minds and our bodies.

The beach or studio is my space for healing, and yoga is my release. It’s a time when I can become one with myself and return to a pure state, before all of life’s uncertainty.

The truth is, meditation doesn’t necessarily give me anything I didn’t already have. Even when I went through hard times, my very best qualities were there inside of me. I made a conscious decision to let fear and uncertainty take away from the good things in my life, because I didn’t understand how cope with it. Then I actively worked to change my mindset.

Nowadays, there are so many “quick fixes” for every possible problem you could imagine. Quit your job. Start a new medication. Find a hobby. Go shopping. Take a vacation. But, until you learn how to live from a place of acceptance and stillness, you’ll never truly be at peace with your decisions.

We all have the power to be the best versions of ourselves once we learn how to shift our perspective and find our healing space.

What is your favorite place of healing?

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Yummi Yogi