This year has been challenging to say the least and, if you’re like me, you’ve probably been doing some reflecting.

It wouldn’t be over the top to say I experienced all five stages of grief at one point or another – some anger, sadness, and maybe even some bargaining mixed in.

But I’ve also experienced greater self-connection and gotten closer to the people and things I’m truly passionate about. I welcomed new people into our retailer community, teamed up with some incredible local businesses, and even took our family’s cornbread to warrior status… with the help of the kiddos, of course.

Warrior 2 Pose – Cookie Cutter

So, despite the hard feelings that are inevitable in chaotic times, this past year has also been filled with pure joy, tons of laughter, and a whole lot of “me” time.

And I’m not ready to give that up.

I encourage each one of you to strive for balance in all areas of your life, from your health and wealth to your sense of self and relationships. As Robert Collier said, “Greatness is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Make small deposits in your everyday life toward the future you envision. You certainly won’t be able to solve all of your problems overnight, but you will wake up knowing you are actively working toward your ideal outcome. And that’s fulfilling in itself.

Not nurturing good relationships? Use the holiday season as an opportunity to reconnect with people who inspire and empower you. Host a small, intimate gathering or even show off your charcuterie board over a casual Zoom meeting.

Tree Pose – Cutting Board

Letting your passions burn out? Find activities that get your creative juices flowing… because I guarantee you that flame is still burning inside of you. Pick up that cookbook, scrapbook, mold, passport, icing bottle, or whatever it is that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Crescent Lunge Pose – Cookie Cutter

As we move through December, let’s think about what lies ahead – a new year full of potential and fresh starts. Until then, let’s finish this one out strong!

P.S. Need some decorating inspiration for Christmas? Check out our gallery!

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