Independence Day took on a new meaning for most people this month. The long weekend was a welcome break for people who have been cooped up inside their homes since early 2020 and an opportunity to safely reconnect with loved ones after too long. There was celebration, laughter, dancing, and fireworks lighting up the night sky.

One thing I’ve been grateful for in the last year and a half is the opportunity to slow down and enjoy more of what I love. And this freedom-focused holiday is a reminder that I am fortunate enough to pursue anything that speaks to my heart.

I built a lifestyle business, worked with Martha Stewart Living, and even spoke on behalf of an educational campaign for flower bulbs. My passions drove me away from marketing and communications and toward a new business that aligns more with my values – Yummi Yogi, of course – where I love making new products for people to enjoy (especially together).

Pictured: Artisan Ash Wood Cutting Board – Tree Pose

I’m a mother, inventor, yoga practitioner, baking enthusiast, consultant, giver, and more. I encourage my daughters to create, have fun, and enjoy those small moments in life that allow them to take a pause and just be themselves.

The truth is, you don’t need anyone else’s approval or permission to go after something you love. We are free to make our own paths and change our narratives when we’re not feeling inspired, fulfilled, or genuinely enthusiastic about the lives we’re living.

So, are you embracing your inner warrior?

Pictured: Warrior 2 Pose – Cookie Cutter Creation

Remember to slow down and enjoy every moment that holds value to you. And the next time you’re tempted to tell yourself “No” for something – like making time for fun, embracing a new hobby, or even pursuing a new career – ask yourself, “Why not?”

Stay in charge of the life you’re designing and keep creating, my friends.

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