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Get your FRUIT ASANA on!

Summer and fruit, yes please! Are you heading to a BBQ and want to keep it fresh but creative? Fresh fruit yogi cutouts on a platter with a sprig of fresh mint, is a quick and easy snack to bring to any party, even your own!  Melons work the best and the larger the fruit the easier to cut out the yoga shapes. Have fun this summer and stay healthy.

Yummi Yogi Fruit Series


Warrior II – Watermelon
Yummi Yogi Fruit Series Warrior 3 Mango


-Find the largest circumference of fruit available. (Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe or pineapple work best.)

-First slice along the longest side of the fruit.

-Make slices about 1/2″ thick.

-Place cutter on fruit and press down firmly.

-Cut excess fruit away from cutter. (extra fruit used to nibble on later)

-Push the fruit out of the cutter.

– Pile onto a platter and a fresh sprig of mint!


Melon Fruit Collection
Yoga Fruit Collection
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