Happy Memorial Day weekend, aka the unofficial start of summer!

Get ready to have some fun with your Yummi Yogi™ Cookie Cutters, because this blog covers 6 ways you can use them in and beyond the kitchen.

#1 Cookies — duh!

We have a great sugar cookie and royal icing recipe on this page if you need inspiration. Decorating isn’t a must, but it’s always an enjoyable experience that the whole family can get in on. Get a set of cookie cutters so that no one is waiting to get in on the action 🙂

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#2 Sandwiches 

What better way to refuel at lunchtime than with a warrior sandwich? Use your cookie cutter to prep meals for the beach, park, or even those long car rides this summer. PB & J, anyone?

#3 Fruit

Yes — you can make Yogi melons! Your cookie cutters are perfect for speeding up the process when you’re entertaining guests and want to serve them quickly. Not to mention, it’s way more fun than your standard fruit platter.

#4 Rice Krispies Treats

Okay, okay — fruit isn’t for everyone. If you’d prefer to serve up a sweet treat that your friends and family can enjoy this summer, why not try some Yogi-shaped Rice Krispies treats? This is hands-down a favorite with the kiddos and fantastic party favor!

#5 Granola Snacks

You can also use your cookie cutters to shape some yummy granola snacks. Make no-bake bars with just a few ingredients using our online recipe. It’s gluten-free & vegan granola! Easy, cute, and healthy — what else do you need?

#6 Bird Feeders

Last but not least, you can use your cookie cutters to give back to mother nature with a DIY bird feeder! Simply grab some birdseed and follow these simple instructions to get started. Don’t forget to pick out a tree to hang it on!

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We hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


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