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Gluten Free

Gluten free is becoming increasingly more popular. Not only due to the increasing number of people with gluten allergies and gluten intolerance, but because of the overall health benefits this kind of diet offers.

Foods with gluten are processed from wheat and other grains such as barley and rye. But wheat, barley and rye are healthy right? The unhealthy part comes when these grains are processed and mixed with preservative chemicals and artificial flavors. It’s these additions that make gluten bad for your system. People are also falling in love with this gluten free regimen because when they cut gluten out of their diet, they are cutting things like breads, pastas and greasy fried foods and they begin consuming more fruits and vegetables by default. Starting any new way of eating has its challenges and cutting staples that we grew up with like pasta and bread it can become even harder! That’s why it’s important to find interesting and engaging ways to stick to your new gluten free regimen! By using Yummi Yogi yoga pose cookie cutters you can keep your new gluten free eating interesting. You can use Yummi Yogi cookie cutters to make fun fruit and vegetable cutouts. You can even use them to make delicious gluten free flatbreads.

If you’d like to order your own set of Yummi Yogi cookie cutters to help you stay on track with your gluten free diet, please contact us here. Contact Us.

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