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With fall holidays just around the corner and daily routines picking back up, the feeling that summer is over is definitely starting to sink in.

And while this year might have looked different for most people – less traveling, more social distancing – there were still precious memories to be made and plenty of laughter to be shared. It’s in these special, unplanned moments that we let the best versions of ourselves shine through.

A spontaneous fall beach day, decorating cookies in the kitchen “just because,” serving up some snacks to unexpected company…

Pictured: Artisan Ash Wood Cutting Board – Tree Pose

This is particularly important for our little ones. Let your kids embrace their inner creator, come up with silly games to play, and invent their own versions of happiness from scratch. Free time feeds creativity, and creativity helps us build self-awareness, gives us a unique sense of accomplishment, and even makes us better problem solvers. You can hone the same skills you would in a classroom or office by making more time for the things you truly love.

In fact, most adults could take a page out of a children’s book… Children find joy in the little things.

Adding a new tower to their sand castle, using the perfect color combination on a cookie, jumping over a puddle on a rainy day.

Pictured: Cookie Cutter Collection


They keep it simple, don’t spend too much time analyzing things, and spend their life living in the present moment. Kids truly are the embodiment of mindfulness.

As adults, it’s important to set the right example and balance our passions with our responsibilities.

Have a long meeting? Take 15 to meditate before it begins. Overwhelmed at work? Close your laptop and grab your favorite cookie cutter from the drawer. There are small steps you can take to manage your stress and invite more joy into your life every day.

So, as we enter the fall season and start making plans for the rest of the year, don’t forget to leave time for unplanned moments. You’ll be amazed by how much lighter you feel when you start to make room for the people and activities that really matter to you.

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