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Did New Year’s spark a new sense of purpose for you? In the past, I might have reflected on the goals I didn’t achieve or, even worse, found myself unfulfilled by things I did accomplish. For you, maybe this means exercising more, eating out less, cutting back on social media, switching to a plant-based diet, or any number of “acceptable” resolutions.
And although each new year is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, sometimes the expectations we set aren’t realistic. We go into each year with the best of intentions and then victimize ourselves when things don’t go according to plan. Let me level with you: life is full of surprise, detours, and moments that can change everything in an instant.
A more realistic goal is one that lets you be in the moment without measuring your success objectively – i.e. how many times you hit the gym or ate a salad this week. Isn’t it easier to simply make a commitment to better yourself? To be mindful of your lifestyle choices and focus more on what’s important to you?
Becoming the best version of yourself isn’t a box you can check off; it is a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. You must be present in the moment so you can be mindful of each choice you make – not act on a whim or in response to some master plan.
Teach yourself to be a warrior of your own destiny. Draw your strength from your most deep-rooted passions, whether that be learning, empowering others, going on new adventures with your family, or anything that truly feeds your soul. Over time, you will find that living intentionally through your passions will make your life feel more meaningful, wholesome, and productive.
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Every day is an opportunity to hit “reset” on the day before. If you find yourself weighed down by the choices or resolutions you’ve made, give yourself permission to live and let go. Make this year about refreshing and nurturing your sense of self. Take time to dream, meditate, enjoy each moment, and restore balance in every vertical of your life. Happy New Year to YOU!
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