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Hello Yogis and friends!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, a time when we shower the special people in our lives with affection and offer tokens of our love.

It’s a staple holiday full of standards and expectations – yet, something feels different this year.

We all have our favorite treats – conversation hearts, gourmet chocolates, bright and tangy macarons…

But what I’m talking about can’t be picked up at your local convenience store. It’s the feeling of pure, uninterrupted bliss you get from sharing experiences with the people you love most.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to slow down, reassess our priorities, and start making more meaningful deposits in our relationships. We’ve started spoiling one another with time and affection and focusing more on nurturing our connections at their core.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down a signature bouquet or assortment box. After all, if you think it’s important to express your affection, you should be willing to let your loved ones do the same. Making other people happy is super fulfilling.

But I encourage you to look beyond just material objects and think about how you can turn this beloved holiday into a series of memorable moments, starting with small acts of kindness.

Here are some ideas from someone who loves spreading joy and kindness!

  • Holiday-inspired sugar cookies: Make your loved one homemade cookies and decorate them with something unique like positive statements, relationship milestones, or a heartfelt design.
  • Try a new recipe together: Why go out on the town when you can chef it up at home? Try cooking a new meal from scratch together to get more bonding time.
  • Create the right ambiance: Pull out that custom cutting board for some wine & cheese, light those limited-edition candles, and get those rose petals out. Small changes to your everyday environment can make the evening feel extra special!

And remember, you don’t need a holiday to show the people you love just how much they mean to you. Happiness is always just a few words or actions away!

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