The holiday season is approaching faster than we realize, and it’s important to make every moment count this year.

Let’s take a second to look at the last 20 months. Time has continued to pass as usual, but we haven’t felt time going by in the same way.

We’ve come to depend on milestones to mark the arrival of a new year or special occasion. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries – we mark these precious dates on our calendars to celebrate our time on this planet with the ones we love most.

The arrival of the pandemic meant we had to hold onto these moments tighter than ever. It also meant we had to get more creative with how we create experiences.

That’s why this holiday season, I’m challenging each of you to make every second count. We certainly haven’t gotten back to a feeling of normal, but we are bouncing back in a new and more authentic way.

Pictured: Hand-Stamped Spreaders

Because the pandemic and the shift in our perspective of time also allowed us to slow down, invest more in our relationships, and shine a light on our inner selves.

We stepped away from our routines and the traditional way of doing things and found more bliss in the small everyday moments, be it a solo beach trip, an unscheduled baking night, or an impromptu coloring session.

Pictured: Cookie Cutter Collection

I genuinely believe this holiday season will be more about building on those experiences. We will still indulge in simple things that help us count down the days and make the holidays exciting – advent calendars, counting sheep in our heads, maybe even some chalkboard shenanigans.

But there will be a new kind of holiday buzz this year… one born out of pure love and gratitude for our passions and those we are passionate about.

Pictured: Decorated Yogis

Let’s be extra thankful for the people and activities that make this holiday season truly special and spend more time living in each moment, so it doesn’t go by too fast.

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Yummi Yogi