You don’t need grand gestures to express how much you love someone. In my experience, small words and actions can have a lasting impact.

Handwritten notes, personalized gifts, and even those silly drawings from our children that look nothing like what they meant to be… these things really hit home for me.

If you have been following my blog, you know simplicity is a big deal for me, and I try to incorporate that through my products at Yummi Yogi. That’s why one of my absolute favorite creations – one that has the potential to really touch a heart – is my hand-stamped spreaders.

There is undeniable power in positive thinking. Tons of researchers even suggest that our thoughts and health are directly connected. But we can’t control everything, and even the happiest people have hard days.

These inspirational spreaders provide a subtle reminder to slow down, stay present in the moment, and look for a silver lining. Each one features a saying to bring more positivity, encouragement, and laughter to any occasion:

  • find your chi’z
  • gouda vibes
  • namaste
  • spread kindness

“Namaste” and “find your chi’z” are perfect for the yoga lover, “gouda vibes” for the foodie, and “spread kindness” for that loved one who always goes above and beyond in your life. You might even know someone who is a mix of all three!

Plus, this unique set will come in handy on more occasions than you think – from that last-minute sandwich for the kiddo to that milestone birthday cake you want to decorate. Cheese, dip, butter, condiments… you name it, these spreaders will spread it.

Above all else, be sure not to overthink holidays like this too much this year. After all, these hand-stamped spreaders were meant to generate good vibes, not anxiety 😉 Focus on the time you are spending with your loved ones and what you can do to make it a memorable experience. I highly recommend spending some time in the kitchen as a family! Serve in style or gift with purpose this year!

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