Happy Earth Day!

We’re all experiencing a transition in our lives, whether that’s working from home, trying to balance business and family, or simply trying to make the most out of the extra time on our hands. It’s more important than ever to build self-awareness and practice staying grounded. Living through a crisis is hard enough, and knowing how to respond in a crisis is another thing entirely.

Here’s a tip – take a personal inventory on a regular basis by starting each day with 3 questions:
  • Do I feel nourished?
  • Do I feel balanced?
  • Do I feel fulfilled?
And if you answered “no” to any of these questions, ask yourself: “Why not?”

Now is a scary and uncertain time, but it is also a great opportunity for growth. You are free from distractions and probably way more in sync with your mind and body than you were before. Perhaps you’ve recently discovered that you aren’t truly happy in your job. Maybe you’ve come to the realization that you’re not spending enough time pursuing your passions or spending time with loved ones. Where are the gaps in your life?
In honor of Earth Day, pencil in some “you” time –time that you can fully disconnect from your obligations and get grounded by doing something meaningful to you. Focus on the aspects of your life that you can nurture and control, like your relationships, your environment, and your health. None of us have a crystal ball, which means there is no way to know what’s coming in the months (or even weeks) ahead. And there’s no doubt that our priorities will shift as we try to respond and adapt to the “new normal.”
That’s why it is crucial to get laser-focused on the present and start investing your time and energy into things that make you feel nourished, balanced, and fulfilled. I’m confident that with the right mindset and approach, each one of us will come out of these trying times with more strength and clarity. Surround yourself with positive inspiration daily – spread good vibes and attract good vibes!


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Yummi Yogi