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Learn how to make these fun swirly designs using your Yummi Yogi™ Cookie Cutter Collection. 







  • Yummi Yogi ™Cookie Cutters
  • Your favorite cookie dough
  • Black royal icing (Stiff consistency in a piping bag)
  • Assorted colors of royal icing (Medium consistency in a piping bags)
  • Edible ink markers
  • Toothpicks
  • Corn syrup
  • Paintbrush

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Prepare your favorite cookie dough (Ours is a vanilla brown sugar dough.)  Use your Yummi Yogi™ cookie cutters to cut out your cookies and bake according to your recipe.

Swirly Yummi Yogi Cookie Dough Steps


Use your edible ink markers to draw an outer swirl outline. We used a red marker here. Start in the center of the cookie and spiral out. Don’t worry about a perfect spiral. Let it be natural. To create the lollipop swirl-within-a-swirl draw inner guide lines, indicated here in blue marker, to distinguish where each alternating color will be placed.

Take your black royal icing and pipe it over the main red spiral.

Swirly Drawing Instructions
















Begin using your colored royal icing to fill in your design. Here we started with a blue dot in the center, then red, followed by orange and green. Repeat your sequence of colors. Use your handy toothpicks to help guide your icing to the edges of your black outline and to smooth out when needed.

Swirly Cookie Drawing Instructions

Let your cookies dry for several hours or overnight. You can finish your lollipop swirl design by applying a layer of corn syrup with a food safe, clean, paintbrush. This gives it a lovely shiny appearance.

Swirly Cookie Design in a row









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