It’s heartwarming to see how communities are pulling together more than ever before. People are connecting on a deeper level and getting back to a simpler way of life – enjoying more quality family time, picking up new hobbies, and taking collective action toward causes close to their heart.

The truth is, there is opportunity in every crisis. Not an opportunity to take advantage of a bad situation, but an opportunity to become more in tune with your authentic self and move toward living a life that is filled with greater meaning.

A sense of belonging is a basic human need, one that can easily get neglected when we get distracted by daily demands or blinded by our own ambitions. I truly believe community is the antidote to many of the negative feelings being stirred up by our present situation.

Virtual graduations, drive-by birthday celebrations, Zoom karaoke parties – even when we are physically separated, there is no shortage of connection and collaboration if you’re open to receiving it. There’s more FaceTiming, baking, camping, arts and crafts… a simple internet search will reveal hundreds of go-to quarantine activities put together by people who want to help you combat cabin fever.

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We’re nearing the end of the “blooming season” and acts of generosity are sprouting up all around us, reminding us just how powerful community can be. Good Samaritans are showing up for their neighbors and local businesses are doing their part to give back, despite their own limitations.

The best part is, it doesn’t take much to get involved or spread kindness to the people around you. Everyone has something of value to offer, it’s simply a matter of tapping into your own skills and talents and sharing them with the world. Not sure what those gifts are? This is a perfect time to start the process of self-discovery. Be yourself, do what you love, and people will appreciate you for it.

Plug into the community around you, and I promise you’ll go into each day with improved strength and balance. Be a beacon for others and equally willing to receive the energy the world is giving back to you.

In the meantime, here are some family-friendly quarantine activities for you to enjoy!

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Yummi Yogi