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As the owner of a yoga studio, you have the unique challenge of setting your yoga studio apart from the rest. Creating a relaxing and welcoming entrance space for your clients is a great way to help them get into the right mindset for their upcoming class. No doubt, you’ve also raised the bar by providing yoga merchandise for your clients to purchase including, yoga sportswear, yoga mats, yoga accessories, and other yoga themed products.

If your yoga studio is one of the many that carries Yummi Yogi asana shaped cookie cutters, there are a number of merchandising tricks you can use to help set a fun aesthetic in your boutique space as well as sell more cutters.

  1. Spell it out – By displaying them on a table with some treats (like yoga fruit shapes) that you’ve made with the yoga cutters gives your customers a strong visual for what’s possible and is a nice treat for after their practice.
  2. Think outside the hook – Don’t just hang your cutters on a display hook and call it a day. Get creative and string a set of cutters on a colorful ribbon and hang your yoga pose cookie cutter garland across the front of your welcome desk. This way, it’s one of the first things your clients see when they arrive and it promotes the sale of entire sets because they can see each pose that’s available.
  3. Get moving – Moving displays are more eye catching. String a few Yummi Yogi yoga pose cookie cutters with long colorful ribbons and hang them from the ceiling or make a cookie cutter mobile to hang using one of each of the different yoga pose cookie cutters.

For more information on Yummi Yogi yoga pose cookie cutter recipes, crafts, and projects please visit out website here. Or if you are a retailer or yoga studio looking to provide Yummi Yogi asana shaped cutters at your location, please visit our wholesale website here.

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