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You don’t have to be a workout wizard to know that it’s important to rehydrate after any workout including intense yoga workouts. After a workout at any of your favorite  yoga studios around the world, the average person should drink between 16 and 24oz of water to make sure they are replacing what they lost. One great thing about our bodies is that we KEEP BURNING calories even after we’ve finished our workout. This makes for the perfect time to snack and replace some of the calories you burned!

If you own or run one or more yoga studios, you know the importance of both of these factors when it comes to keeping your yoga instructors and your yoga students safe and healthy. A great way to encourage this behavior is to keep water and other assorted healthy beverages available for sale in the lobby of yoga studios.

If you want to go the extra mile for your clients, you can have healthy snacks available for them to purchase on their way out! We suggest fresh fruit cut into the shapes of your favorite yoga poses using Yummi Yogi cookie cutters. Even gluten free or low fat cookies cut into yoga shapes would be a welcome snack after an intense yoga workout. Since you probably already have an array of yoga accessories for sale as well, why not add Yummi Yogi cookie cutters to your inventory?!

For more information on how to carry Yummi Yogi cookie cutters in your  yoga studio please contact us here. Or if you’d like more cookie recipe ideas or ways to use your Yummi Yogi cookie cutters visit our home page.

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