Yummi Yogi Bird Feeder Tree
“A little birdie told me you liked yoga …” 
Waking up to the sound of birds chirping is so relaxing! Check out our new Yummi Yogi Bird Feeder Cookie Cutter Collection. This project was so fun, easy and very inexpensive! What a great way to get your kids involved. They can even hang them outside on their favorite tree.
GIFT IDEA! Include our bird feeder instructions with a set of Yummi Yogi cookie cutters.



Step 1


Wax Paper

1 C. Water

4 C. Bird Seed

Twine or String

1 Box of Gelatin (4 packs)

5 Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters

Olive Oil / Baking Spray



Cut 5 pieces of string approx. 14” long and knot each end.










Lightly spray the inside of each cookie cutter (to prevent sticking later)

Lay cookie cutters and string on wax paper.

Mix together gelatin and water in a saucepan.

Stir until simmer then remove from heat for 1 min.

Add birdseed to water & gelatin. Mix well.








Fill half the cookie cutters with bird seed.

Place each string into cutter and push knot down into seed.













Fill the rest of the cutters with seed, pushing down evenly.








Allow the cutters to dry overnight. Flipping over in the a.m.

Slide the bird seed molds out of the cookie cutters.








Hang outside and enjoy!



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