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Amy Dube, a mom and practicing yogi, created the Yummi Yogi™ collection after being inspired by yoga. It is the only yoga shaped cutter on the market with immediately recognizable yoga postures – no icing required!

Amy & Elle : May 2013

Amy & Elle – May 2013

“The Yummi Yogi collection is a result of two of my greatest passions—yoga and baking,” says Amy. “My hope is that we can all slow down and be creative in our own way. And in doing so, teach our children about healthy living in and out of the kitchen.”

We are a passionate company and can be found along the coast of NJ. All of our materials are sourced right here in the US. Our cookie cutters are even made in Vermont.

The Yummi Yogi™ cookie cutter collection is available to purchase securely online, no matter where you live in the world. Interested in carrying our  cookie cutter collection?  Wholesaler Application

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